Prescription Guidelines

Prescription For Protection

The essential thing about having a prescription is that it is designed for your protection. You are given a prescription from your physician after he has carefully examined your physical condition and evaluated your need for medication. When your doctor has written you the prescription it should be perfectly safe for you to begin the needed treatment. When requesting a prescription online, you will be asked to fill out a simple questionaire and again after careful review, a fully licensed physician will determine your approval for a prescription.

A prescription usually contains the following minimum information:

2.Name of physician
3.Address of physician
4.License number of physician
5.Telephone number of physician
6.Name of patient
7.Name and quantity of medication
8.Signature or stamp of physician

The following additional information is helpful:

1.Fax number of physician
2.E-mail address of physician
3.Address of patient
4.Age of patient
5.Sex of patient

The bottom line is that you must check your personal status for the products you require in your home country and follow your country's medication importation rules and regulations closely. Please be noted that the responsibility lies with the purchaser. This is only to be seen as a guideline for prescription safety.

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